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Band saw

Are you looking for a machine that is suitable for numerous applications regarding sawing of wood? Our band saw will be the ideal solution for you, because everything is possible with this machine. The Allwin band saw is flexible in sawing different widths and thicknesses: from the sawing of strips to the cutting in half of a beam. Choose this Allwin machine, choose quality!

Band saw: used or new?

You are at the right place for different types of band saws at Rehomy’s:

In addition you have also got the choice between used and new band saws. Both of excellent quality.

Rehomy – exclusive importer of the Allwin brand

Rehomy is the exclusive importer of the Allwin brand. This Taiwanese brand is known for its horizontal band saws at a very affordable price. Whether you go for used or new band saws: Allwin offers a nice assortment.

Rehomy – the specialist in band saws

We have built well over 50 years of experience in the field of professional woodworking. We are not without reason your partner in both used and new band saws. Do you want to know more about our potential? Please do contact us.


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