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Minax feedrollers

The important points...
What's the difference between feed rollers and feed rollers?

Feed rollers are used on all those wood processing machines, in which the workpiece should be fed automatically into the processing tools. It is very important that the feed rollers transport the workpiece very safely and continually, that they damage it the least possible and that they do not spin in any case.

Without Minax

The problems with forwarding wood by means of feed rollers are basically the following: The feed roller puts vertical pressure on the workpiece and rolls in order to carry the workpiece horizontally. Unfortunately, the vertical pressure produces friction between the lower surface of the workpiece and the supporting table, according to a physical law. Physics postulates furthermore that if this friction is larger than the friction between feed roller and the upper surface of the workpiece, the feed roller spins.

In order to reduce the friction (or to fool physics), a lubricant is used with planing machines, or rolls turning in the opposite direction are installed.

Feed rollers may be formed or teethed, in order to reduce the vertical pressing power which is needed for the production of the necessary horizontal carrying power. Since formed and teethed feed rollers penetrate into the surface of the workpiece, they may only be used in case the surface of the workpieces is processed at a later stage, that is before the upper horizontal planing wave.

Therefore, the tooth should penetrate into the workpiece only as far as to guarantee the carrying on, in order to reduce the planing the most possible.
This is where the MINAX? engineers have come in, have thoroughly optimised the geometry, the design and the treatment and applied for a patent.

Working with Minax

The MINAX' tooth shape is very pointed and sharp, but runs progressively towards the bottom of the tooth. In other words, the more pressing power, the more penetration and the more feeding power. Without stroke.

MINAX? feed rollers are especially hardened: Not like the common and inexpensive warming with subsequent chilling, the MINAX? tooth becomes very tough with a special heat treatment, it maintains its geometrically sophisticated shape, and its service life exceeds those of the best competing products. This has been proved by hardness analysis and several permanent uses in non-stop operation.

Contrarily to traditional rollers, MINAX? feed rollers are hard chromium-plated by a sophisticated procedure with optimal and controlled layer thickness. This layer is extremely hard, reduces the sticking of rests of glue and resin and increases the service life again considerably. Furthermore, the tooth shape without corners and edges at the bottom of the tooth prevents the sticking of rests of glue and resin: these are all reasons which allow to speak of self-cleaning rollers.

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