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Peter Depuydt, Belgium

We bought a used Weinig moulder type Quattromat 23P from Erik. The machine was in perfect condition. Is in good order deliverd and commissioned  by the REHOMY mechanic. I am very satisfied, Sincerely Peter.

Dinesh from Soekhoe & Sons NV, Parimaribo, Surinam

The Weinig that we had bought, is now running at full capacity in our factory in Suriname. We are very satisfied with the delivered machine !

Prasad Perera, Beiragroup, Sri Lanka

We bought a Rhino fourside planer from Erik. Machine arrived in good order in our factory in Sri Lanka. Your machine is running smoothly without any problem, thank you. Prasad.

Pablo from Bacoring Santiago, Chile

First of all, I must say we are very happy with the machine!! Thank you!!

Rohan,Philip A Cheshire LTD, United Kingdom

We bought a used Weinig Unimat 500 moulder from Erik. Machine has been deliverd in a perfect to us, we are very satisfied. Regards Rohan.

David Watson,Rotorua, New Zealand

Rehomy is a good supplier for Weinig spare parts. They offer worldwide shipping and we received the correct parts on time. Greetings from New Zealand, David


Herby would like to confirm that Rehomy sold us a used Weinig Unimat 500 moulder in perfect condition, packed and shipped very well to Poland. I definitely recommend that company as a very professional seller of second hand woodworking machines.

Javier Ruiz Maderas Tarapaca - Chili

The Weinig Fortec moulder has been running pretty very good ! We are very satisfied with your company and your excellent attention. I will be looking at your machines again as we requiring machinery in the future...

Minax feedrollers

The important points... What's the difference between feed rollers and feed rollers?

Feed rollers are used on all those wood processing machines, in which the workpiece should be fed...

Marunaka Ultra WII

Production Model with four knives.


We purchased the Marunaka super planer from Rehomy and are very pleased with it. The guys from Rehomy commissioned the machine as agreed...