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Rhino planers

Looking for a quality planer with an attractive price? Then the machines of the Taiwanese brand RHINO are definitely something for you! RHINO is a very good alternative to the often-expensive planers.

The RHINO concept

The RHINO machines have been around for 25 years and Rehomy has developed these machines together with a Taiwanese manufacturer from a very long experience with various planer marks.

Specialist in planers

For more than 20 years Rehomy is specialized in the purchase, letting produce and refurbish various brands of planers. The RHINO machines form an important group in our range.

Available in several variants

The planers of the RHINO brand are readily available in several variants:

   RHINO planer 4-sided

   RHINO planer 2-sided

Operator training included

All RHINO machines can be supplied with an operator training. The models at Rehomy are connected to power and ready for demonstration. Your operators are instructed to operate and maintain your RHINO machine.


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