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Weinig planers and moulders

The planer brand Weinig is since 1905 a very important element in the woodworking industry. That year the German brand Weinig started the production of a plain woodworking machine, now there are a number of different high quality Weinig machines.

The nr. 1 moulder

One may well say that Weinig is the number 1 moulder worldwide. This is mainly due to the modern technology used. In addition Weinig excels in good service. Of all current models there is a large stock of parts available.

Specialist in used Weinig planers and moulders

For over 20 years Rehomy specializes in the purchase and renovation of shortly used Weinig planers. We already had all standard equipment in our range.

Sound and good

Weinig is a brand of German origin. This ensures that the technology of all Weinig planers is very well developed.

Weinig worldwide

Weinig has grown into a global company, with offices in the US and Canada, Japan and the UK, but Weinig is active in many more countries.

Weinig planers and moulders

Weinig Powermat
Weinig Quattromat
Weinig Unimat


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