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Rhino 500 series

This page describes the most important features of the RHINO 500 Series.

Characteristic Default Option
Number of spindles 4- 6  
Working width (tool Ø 125 mm) 18-230 mm  
Working height (tool Ø 125 mm) 6-125 mm 160 mm
Min. working length 300 mm  
Feed speed 7-28 m/min  
1st bottom spindle 5,5 KW 7,5 KW
Right vertical spindle 5,5 KW 7,5 KW
Left vertical spindle 7,5 KW 11,0 KW
1st top spindle 7,5 KW 11,0 KW
2nd top spindle 7,5 KW 11,0 KW
2nd bottom spindle 7,5 KW 11,0 KW
Feed motor 3,7 KW 5,5 KW
1st bottom spindle 100-160 mm  
Right vertical spindle 110-180 mm  
Left vertical spindle 110-200 mm  
1st top spindle 110-200 mm  
2nd top spindle 110-200 mm  
2nd bottom spindle 100-180 mm 250 mm
Spindle diameter 40 mm 50 mm
Spindle speed 6200 rpm 8000 rpm
Adjustment range vertical spindle 45 mm  
Adjustment range horizontal spindle 35 mm  
Infeedtable 2 meter 2,5 meter
Feed roller diameter 140 mm  
Central position of lubrication points  
Waxilitpump manual  
Brake motors for spindles  
Chainless cardan feed system  
Hardened infeed table  
Side pressure pneumatic  
Chip breaker pneumatic  
Infeed digital display  
Digital adjustment width width and height  


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