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RHINO double surface planers

The RHINO double surface planers offer you the option of easy and affordable planing. The machines are applicable in for example the staircase and coffin industry, but also where large pieces of wood are to be processed until a width of even 1320 mm.

Spike system

The RHINO machines make use of the so-called spike system. Because the spikes can move about 18 mm the wood may be precisely targeted. The spikes provide a perfect passage, even if the wood is rough and bent. With a flat chrome table as a reference this system guarantees an optimal passage of the wood.

Simple and robust muscleman

The RHINO double surface planer is a super strong and complete planer, standard equipped with digital height adjustment, prop shaft driven, and optionally equipped the TERSA quick-change system.

Synchronised transmission system

The RHINO double surface planers offer a precise height adjustment by a patented synchronized transmission system that adjusts the four columns in height. A strong prop shaft drive guarantees a good passage.

Friction-resistant material throughput

The RHINO machines are standard equipped with a chrome table. This heavy chrome coating ensures excellent wear and friction resistant material throughput with minimal wear. The RHINO double surface planers are being supplied in the following planing widths:

  • 610 mm
  • 1000 mm
  • 1320 mm
First of all, I must say we are very happy with the machine!! Thank you!!