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RHINO four-sided moulders

The RHINO four-sided moulders offer you the option of easy and affordable planing. The machines are applicable in for example the floor and carpentry industry, but also where broad wooden parts are to be processed until a width of even 320 mm.

500 Series
Easy to operate.

600 Series

800 XL Series
Standard 320 mm working width.

The alternative

Are you looking for a quality four-sided moulder with an attractive price? Then the machines of the Taiwanese brand RHINO are definitely something for you! RHINO is a very good alternative to the often expensive moulders.

Modular construction

The RHINO four-sided moulders provide a stable base and are modular: heavier engines, elongated table, extra working width and extra working height.

Available in three variants

The RHINO four-sided moulders are available in three variants:

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