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Why choose iDovetail?


We believe that operating professional industrial equipment should be as easy as a mobile phone.

iDovetail designs the processing dimensions of each type of joint into a real-time model, so that you can directly see your finished product in the process of your input, the model will timely change when you enter any size.

We use all the modern technology in our interface, in order to give you a very clean operating space, you can complete all the design on the same screen.

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In the design process, you can easily change the height of the dovetail, iDovetail is a three-axis servo structure, it will automatically reach the required bit height when you start cutting, this can greatly reduce your tuning time when you change the size of workpieces.

iDovetail is equipped with bit recognition capabilities, it knows which bit you are currently installing therefor you have no chance to cause damage by installing the wrong bit.

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We are more than happy to give you a quotation or more information. Feel free to contact us. Our specialists are ready to give you the best advice.


Multiple functions

Supports 6 commonly used joint type, each can be freely modified. With a 45-degree flip structure, you can easily cut the miter joint.

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It is not difficult to cut the joint. the difficult job is to let the joint not tear during processing.


We know that each type of defects is the easiest to tear during processing. The number of processing paths for iDovetail to prevent tearing is more than three times that of the processing of the joint. We designed processing paths for pre-cut in full-contour trimming.

It is not difficult to cut the joint. the difficult job is to let the joint not tear during processing.

If you want to get 100% perfect joint, use our unique pre-cut function, which gives your joint the best protection before starting processing.


Two-stage pressure design of the clamp.
When you are placing wood, our clamp is only clamped at a low pressure of 2kg/cm, which is automatically converted to 7kg/cm when ready for cutting. This is fully automatic and you do not need additional switching actions.



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