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Rhino Extend Light - double surface planers


RHINO double sided planing machines

Rhino double sided planing machines make planing easy and affordable. These double sided planing machines are perfect in the staircase industry, the coffin industry, as well as any type of company where wide wood parts need to be processed. Rhino planing machines are an excellent choice for working with wood with a width up to 1320 mm.

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The machines are applicable in for example the floor and carpentry industry, but also where broad wooden parts are to be processed until a width of even 320 mm.

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Including training in operating the sawing machines and planing machines

Our Rhino sawing- and planing machines are delivered including training in operating the machines. We have several models ready to demonstrate how to operate the machines. During the demonstration our specialists will advise you about operating and maintaining the machine. That way, you can use the machine right after the purchase. This will give you the best result in investing!

SAWYER Horizontal band saws

Sawyer horizontal bandsaws

Are you looking for a reliable and affordable bandsaw? The Sawyer range from the brand Rhino is the perfect choice for you. These thin cutting horizontal bandsaws are available in three variations: single, double and triple bandsaws.

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Rehomy - Weinig moulders

Purchasing a used planer?

We always have at least five newer used machines in stock. Therefore, we are able to install a machine at your company very fast so you don’t have to stop your production. We will provide a perfectly timed switch!

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