Weinig Powermat 1500 grooved guide table

Weinig Powermat 1500 grooved guide table Year of construction: 2017

Weinig Powermat 1500
6 spindles (bottom-right-left-top-top-bottom)
260 mm working width
Grooved bed table
6-40 m/min feed speed
8000 rpm spindles, 40 mm
Air cushion system
2 meter infeed table
Memory system plus
Without cutter heads
Checked and serviced


Weinig Powermat 1500 grooved guide table
  1. 11.0 kW
  2. 7.5 kW
  3. 7.5 kW
  4. 11.0 kW
  5. 11.0 kW
  6. 11.0 kW


Stock number 09316
Year of construction 2017
Spindle diameter 40 mm
Working width 260 mm
Working height 160 mm
Operating voltage 400 V
CE-certified CE

Weinig Powermat 1500

For professionals in the woodworking industry looking for a top-notch, four-sided planer, the Weinig Powermat 1500, available at Rehomy, is an excellent choice. This advanced machine offers unparalleled precision, efficiency, and flexibility, making it an ideal investment for any woodworking shop.

What distinguishes this machine is its robust construction and advanced technological features. Equipped with 6 spindles and equipped with 40 mm spindles, this fourside planer and moulder is designed to handle a wide range of woodworking tasks. Whether you are performing simple planing or complex profiling, this machine will effortlessly support you.

This machine is designed to optimize productivity and minimize downtime. Its user-friendly interface and quick setup times ensure seamless transitions between different tasks, keeping your workflow smooth and uninterrupted. This efficiency is especially beneficial for busy workshops that need to maintain high production levels without compromising on quality.

Precision is another hallmark of this Weinig machine. Every component is meticulously designed to deliver exceptional accuracy, ensuring that your end products consistently meet exact specifications. Whether you are creating detailed profiles or large wooden pieces, this machine guarantees high-quality results every time. With this Weinig moulder, with grooved guide table, you get a tested and checked machine.

These planers benefit from decades of experience, from which you can profit. With our innovations, we continually set new standards. Planers and molders are used for longitudinal processing of products made from solid wood, wood-based materials such as MDF, plastics, or similar materials, often forming the core of production. This is where the highest value is added to the workpiece, making quality and reliability crucial. Suitable for a wide range of profiling tasks, from small craft businesses to industrial series production.

At  Rehomy, we strive to offer our customers the best woodworking machines. Our current range of Weinig machines provides an excellent opportunity to upgrade your equipment and enhance your workshop’s capabilities. This is your chance to invest in a machine that perfectly balances versatility, efficiency, and precision.


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